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Stephanie Ng Design is a multi- award winning industrial design studio from Melbourne and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. They offer a range of lighting solutions for residential and commercial applications, as well as custom design services in home decoration and design, lighting and furniture.


Stephanie uses a combination of colour, form and texture and loves the play on unique materials to make the ordinary special. She is dedicated to making products that retain their functional edge and work in relation to a space or system. She believes good design should have cohesive synergy rather than a standalone object.


She believes in design for emotion, in creating products that move people. Her first creation, the award-winning Halo Modular Light with its flexible configuration, embodies that, in an arrangement that can be changed according to the user’s specific needs. 


Stephanie also incorporates notions of craft into her work. Her signature is a personal, as opposed to a mass-manufactured feel to finished products; as portrayed through her product range.


An abiding concern is sustainable design, and designing systems that touch the Earth lightly and leave a gentle – if any – footprint in terms of production and consumption. Our award winning handmade pendant lamp, Luna Lana is a prefect example of this cause. It uses 100% natural merino wool and no manufacturing is used as they are fully hand knitted. Here at Stephanie Ng Design, we are committed to versatility and a design aesthetic that lasts and endures. 



Designer's Statement

"We believe in doing what we love and savouring every moment - and that everything is better with a personal touch. Thank you kindly, for being a part of our sweetest moments."